Stefanie Kipp - Personal Information

I have been working in the insurance industry for 18 years, enjoying challenges as an independent management consultant. I specialised on individual solutions for insurance companies on their way to Solvency II, comprehensive risk management and risk modelling as well as business steering. I am supported by my professional partner network for providing all-inclusive implementation.

Selected project experiences

  • Capital valuation (life) as well as Own Risk and Solvency Assessment and related processes (ORSA),
  • Risk analysis and -management,
  • Due-diligence assessments of run-off portfolios,
  • Independent review and audit,
  • Project management and -responsibility.

Education and abilities

After having completed my studies in Business and Economics in Germany (University of CologneUniversity of Applied Sciences, Cologne) and the U.S.A. (University of Pennsylvania), I was employed by a rating agency in UK and worked in Germany with management consultancies and the financial supervision.

I continue my professional training in the following organisations and associations:

Further information

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